Why You Need To Install Home Security Tonight!

Why You Need To Install Home Security Tonight!


Does your home have the necessary safeguards in place to protect it from burglars and intruders? When it comes to home security, many homeowners are guilty of procrastinating. They may tell themselves “I’ll buy a security system when I have some extra cash” or “when I have time off work.” Waiting a couple extra days may seem harmless enough, but those days often turn into weeks, months, or even years, during which the home remains unprotected and vulnerable to break-ins.


Unprotected Homes and Burglary Rates


It should come as no surprise that burglars are more likely to target a home if it doesn’t have a security system. Security systems work by creating a loud alarm or siren when a point of entry or motion sensor is tripped. This noise not only attracts the suspicion of neighbors, but it also notifies the security monitoring company, who will then contact the local police department if they are unable to reach the homeowner and verify the home is safe. But how much of a difference does a security system really have in deterring burglars?


According to data presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a jaw-dropping 1 in 3 homes that are not protected with a security system will be burglarized, whereas only 1 in 250 homes with security systems will be burglarized.


Can You Afford Not To Protect Your Home?


One of the most common reasons why homeowners postpone the purchase and installation of a security system is because it costs too much money – at least that’s the general belief. However, you have to ask yourself if you afford not to purchase a security system. Thanks to all of the recent technological advancements, security systems cost less and contain far more features than they did just five years ago. The average cost of a burglary in the U.S. was just over $2,000 in 2010, but a high-grade security system costs just a couple hundred bucks, making it a smart investment for homeowners.


New Homes at Greatest Risk for Being Burglarized


Another common reason why homeowners postpone buying and installing a security system is because they just recently moved into the home. From unpacking your boxes to painting and rearranging the furniture, you have a million things to do upon moving into a new home. Unfortunately, installing a security system is usually placed on the backburner. Burglars are fully aware of the fact that most newly occupied homes are unprotected, which is why they tend to target them more often. The only sure-fire way to ensure your home, property and family are safe is by installing a security system on the first day that you move into your new home.


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