What Is A Home Security System and How Does It Work?

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A home security system (also referred to as an alarm system) is an electronic device or set of electronic devices that are used to detect entry intrusion by unauthorized individuals. Much like car alarms, they are designed to create a loud noise when an unauthorized individual attempts to gain entry. If the individual doesn’t know the correct passcode, an alarm will sound and the respective monitoring service will be notified. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home security systems and how they work.


Home security systems serve two basic purposes: to deter break-ins and intrusion, and to provide peace of mind to the family knowing that they are safe. Family members can sleep just a little more soundly at night knowing there’s an alarm system in place. In the event that someone attempts to enter the home, it would create a loud noise to notify family members while scaring away the intruder.


While the exact specifications of a home security system vary from model to model, most include the following elements:


  • Control panel with keypad and panic buttons.
  • Sensors for doors.
  • Sensors for windows.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Audible siren or alarm.
  • Signs for the exterior of the home, notifying potential burglars that the property is protected.


How It Works


The concept of a home security system is relatively simple and straightforward. Either the homeowner or a professional security installation company installs a control panel, sensors, motion sensors and an alarm inside the home. The control panel is typically installed at or around the front door, depending on the homeowner’s preference, whereas the sensors are placed at points of entry (e.g. doors and windows).


When the system is set, the homeowner (or family member) will have to enter the correct code within X amount of seconds upon entering the home to prevent the alarm from sounding. If the correct code is not entered in time, the alarm will trigger.


One of the decisions you’ll have to make when choosing a home security system is whether or not to have it monitored. Monitoring service usually costs a small fee, either per month or per year. If your alarm is triggered, the monitoring company will call you to see if everything is okay, at which point you’ll have to either provide a password or answer a question. If you don’t pick up the phone or fail to answer the question correctly, they will notify the local police department.






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