What is Two-Way Voice & do Security Alarms in San Angelo Need it?

Two-Way voice saves lives

During an emergency, every second may seem like an eternity. And every one counts. With two-way voice, you can communicate directly with our central station without even picking up the phone. Two-way voice is the quickest way to get emergency personnel to your home or business when they are truly needed the most.

security alarms in san angeloOur five-diamond certified central station has responded to calls in an average of 22.1 seconds. That kind of fast action is crucial when it comes to your well-being.

Here’s how a standard home security system works:

One without 2-way voice. When a home/business alarm is triggered, the control panel will signal the home alarm monitoring center. Someone from the center will then call you in an effort to determine if it is a false alarm or real. If you don’t answer the phone, or if you answer the phone and provide the wrong security password, they assume it is real and notify the police, fire  or rescue personnel.

With a 2-way voice alarm system, the time-consuming step of making the phone call is completed eliminated. Instead, you have the ability to speak directly and immediately with our monitoring center through your control panels built in speaker/microphone. Unlike some others, all of our panels use a wireless system and a secure cellular connection instead of relying on landline telephone connections. 

Security alarms in San Angelo can benefit because:

* Increased sense of security and confidence in your alarm system

* Priority response from the police–they know it’s not a false alarm

* Intruders chased from the building

* Reduced false alarms and potential fines for those alarms

* Effective communication for a person not able to get to the phone (like a medical emergency)

* People focused on getting out during a fire, knowing that help is on the way

Generally speaking, a system consists of one speaker and one microphone in the center of the house, which can provide coverage of about 2,500 square feet. If your coverage area needs to be bigger, then additional speakers and microphones can also be added.

Here at Concho Security we decided that all security alarms in San Angelo should have two-way voice as well as the added benefits of a GSM cellular connection. Because we feel it is so important, we offer two-way voice and GSM to all of our customers at no additional charge – And we are proud of it!


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