Tricking a Burglar

A Burglar can break into a home in a few minutes. Without the help of a home security system, a burglar only needs 10-12 minutes to find what they are looking for before they bolt out of there and move on to their next target.

Most burglars knock at the door first, if someone answers they will give a lame excuse and leave right away – but if there is no answer they will start to check the doors and windows to see if they are lucky enough to find one unlocked.

Tip # 1 Upgrade your locks

Install a deadbolt on every door possible. Having this extra lock installed properly can help deter a burglar – If they have to work too hard they either wont try or will give up quickly.

Tip # 2 Upgrade your strike plates

This ties into Tip # 1 but it is important enough to stand alone in our tip list – upgrading the metal strike plate (the hole in the door frame where the lock bolt enters). Many of these are installed with lower quality metal and shorter screws. By upgrading this as well as the lock you will make your door harder to kick in as well as pried open.

Tip # 3 Light up your home

We recommend this a lot because it is extremely effective. Outside lighting gives a burglar less areas to lurk in the dark at night and can decrease your chances of a night time break in.

Tip # 4 Lock your windows

We live in Texas and experience long hot summers but that is no excuse to leave all the windows unlocked or even open when we aren’t home. This can be very inviting to a criminal during the day or the night so please be careful and lock your windows when you are not using them.


Most burglars will only spend a few minutes attempting to get into a home before giving up and moving on. If you implement these tips it could help cause a burglar to keep moving on instead of stopping at your home but ultimately a home security system is the best protection. We have many options for home security in San Angelo and the surrounding areas.



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