How To Teach Your Kids About Home Safety; Beyond Strangers With Candy

How To Teach Your Kids About Home Safety; Beyond Strangers With Candy


Kids – most at least – are inherently kind and trusting towards other individuals. They may spark up a conversation with a complete stranger, telling them about their day at school. While mental stimulation such as this is great for a child’s development, it can create dangerous situations if the child talks to the wrong person. This is why it’s critical that parents teach their children about the do’s and don’ts of home safety.


Dial 911 For Emergencies


Home safety for kids begins with knowing when and how to dial 911. Teach your child to pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1 when confronted with a dangerous scenario. This may involve a stranger at the front door who won’t leave, fire, medical emergency, etc. If your child has a difficult time remember numbers (which most kids do), write it down in big, bold letters on the refrigerator.


According to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), 911 is used almost universally throughout the entire United States, although there are some regions that use other emergency numbers. If you haven’t done so already, check your local phone book to make sure that 911 is in fact the correct emergency number.


Panic Button


The telephone isn’t the life-saving tool in the home. Assuming your home is protected with a security system, it should also have a panic button that be used to notify the monitoring company. If your child is unable to dial 911, or if they are unable to reach someone on the other end, teach them to hit the panic button as a backup measure. This will notify the monitoring company that something is wrong, at which point they will either call and/or send the police to your home.


Don’t Open The Door For Strangers


Another golden rule of home safety for children is to never answer the door for strangers. As mentioned above, children are trusting of other people, even strangers. If a stranger tells a kid that he or she is a friend of their mother’s, they’ll assume it’s the truth without thinking twice. Whether your child is home alone or not, they should never answer the door for strangers. A better approach is to have them find you and your spouse to answer the door.


When Home Alone…


When a child is home alone, he or she should never reveal this information to anyone other than family members. If someone approaches the door and asks the child if he or she is home alone, they should say “no.” And if this stranger asks where the child’s parents are, he or she should make up a story.


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