Simple Guide To Preventing Break Ins

Simple Guide To Preventing Home Break Ins

home security break in According to a statement delivered by FBI, every 15.4 seconds a house is invaded by a burglar. Most often, the break in usually takes place in the absence of its house owners, however even that can be prevented if you transform your house into an entity difficult to reach. The foremost step towards its prevention could be addressing its weak points, being vigilant and no sooner revising its security mechanisms. In fact, the deadbolt installation in the 60’s and 70’s by a major population was one effective way to minimize burglary. Nevertheless, burglars now have even answers to those. Thus a few simple steps in order to make your home less of a target are as follows:

Locking doors and Windows

Silly, perhaps, but most burglars break in to your homes through open back doors and windows. Disregarding danger, by keeping your doors and windows open, living on the first or second floor could keep you safe decades ago, however in the present scenario, it has become essential to lock doors and windows while you are out on a vacation in fact every night. Installing windows with special interlocking mechanism which restricts from the conventional credit card method in unlatching the lock could easily be prevented.

Timed Lights

Leaving a couple of lights switched on while you are away from home would do perfect if it was a matter of few hours or perhaps a day. It is an excellent method to fool a burglar of your presence in your absence. However, a much better replacement over the above is the installation of Z-Wave controlled lights. With a simple switch, the on and off time for your lights could easily be set by a schedule or the time the sun goes down that night. You can also control these lights remotely through your security system using Honeywell’s Total Connect.

break in - pick lockElectronic Security System

A nightmare for most burglars is the use of electronic security systems. As per a survey report generated by the FBI, 7 out of 8 burglars surveyed prefers to pass the house if he/she finds trace of an electronic security system installed at a home.

Spare Keys

Ashtrays, door mats, flower pots, and above the door frame are common hiding places for your keys. Convenient indeed for dwellers however, proves to be a blessing in disguise for burglars as it is the first thing they look for before attempting to break in to your homes. A trusted neighbor or family member is always a better choice for a spare key.


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