How Secure Is Your Home? Look For These 5 Signs

How Secure Is Your Home? Look For These 5 Signs

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a home burglary occurs in the U.S. once every 15 seconds. That rate is higher than any other developed country in the world, attesting to the need for greater home security. But how do you know if your home is at risk for being burglarized?

 #1) Exterior Illumination

Don’t underestimate the importance of adequate exterior illumination surrounding your home. Installing motion-sensing flood lights will brighten the landscape anytime someone approaches, which is particularly helpful when you’re trying to find your keys at night. As a side benefit, though, it will also discourage break-ins by illuminating would-be burglars before they enter your home. If a burglar discovers a light shining on him or her, chances are they will walk away.

#2) Door Thickness

How thick is your home’s front and back doors? Burglars often gain entry by kicking in a door. You can protect your home against this type of intrusion, however, by investing in a solid, well-made doors that are at least 44 millimeters thick. This will not only make it difficult for a burglar to kick in the door, but 44 millimeters is also large enough to install a mortise deadlock.

#3) Where Do You Park?magnifying-glass-map-01

If you have an enclosed garage, use it. Far too many individuals and families use their garage as a catch-all storage facility, choosing to park in the driveway instead. This may seem harmless enough, but it allows burglars to watch and memorize your weekly schedule. If you go to work at 6 AM in the morning and return at 5PM, they will know exactly what time to strike.

#4) Security System

Of course, the single most important step in creating a secure home is to install a security system. These systems are designed to detect unauthorized intrusion, triggering a loud siren or alarm when an intruder is present. Numerous studies have shown that most burglars avoid homes with security systems altogether, targeting other homes and businesses instead.

#5) Window

If a burglar is unable to gain entry through a door, he or she will likely resort to using a window. For this reason, it’s recommended that you double-check your windows to make sure they are locked and not broken. Don’t just focus all of your attention on the actual windows, though, but also check the window frame to ensure it’s solid and in good condition.



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