Wireless Protection

Stay Protected Even if Your Phone Line is Cut or Disconnected

Concho Security can provide secure communications backup for your security system so your home or business remains protected even if your telephone or cable lines are cut during a burglary, and even for a period of time if a power outage were to occur.


Causes of signal disruption:


Where a burglar deliberately cuts your phone line.


Where there is a power outage.


Concho Security offers the solution

To ensure that your alarm system continues to function optimally and without interruption, Concho Security will need to upgrade your current analog radio to a new Honeywell GSM digital radio communicator.


Honeywell GSMX Wireless Security San Angelo

GSMX Digital Cellular Communicator

Prepare for Today’s Communications Challenges

Home security in the Concho Valley has never been more important. Are you prepared? The demise of traditional phone lines, the emergence of VoIP, and the rising number of cell-phone-only homes require a cost-effective solution right now. Honeywell’s labor-saving GSMX works with our control panels to provide a reliable primary communications path for today’s residential consumers; helping to ensure that signals always get through. It is the best way to ensure a reliable communications path for the rising number of cell-phone-only households.

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