Holiday Burglary Prevention

Burglary Prevention Tips – Holiday Edition


With the holidays right around the corner we all might be super busy with getting ready to travel, staying home, or just spending time with family. It is important to remember during this busy time that this is also the busy season for burglaries and break-ins.

Having a home security system in place is an effective defense against these types of criminals but even with a system in place you would be better off deterring these types of incidents entirely. Below are a few easy things that you can do to prevent a burglary or break-in at your home.


1. Valuables visible from the outside – Don’t keep your valuables (expensive china, crystal vase, etc) near windows that don’t have coverings. If these things can be easily seen from the outside it is inviting to criminals that may be casing your house.

2. Keep the shrubs trimmed down – Shrubs can really add a great look to your home, but when overgrown they serve as a great hiding place for criminals. Keep them trimmed and give the crooks no where to hide.

3. Secure doors and windows – This may be obvious to some, but LOCK your doors and windows. Use dead bolts for regular doors and don’t forget to lock the door leading from your garage into your home. For sliding glass doors place a wooden dowel in the bottom track to prevent someone from picking the lock and sliding it open.

4. Light up your house – Exterior and motion activated lights give criminals less places to hide and can give your house a great look at night.

5. Use your alarm system – Make sure your alarm is installed properly and test it on a regular basis. Make sure your Concho Security sign is visible outside your home. Studies show that criminals are less likely to break-in to a home that has a security system installed.


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