Safety Tips For Ladies Who Live Alone

Safety Tips For Ladies Who Live Alone


There are numerous “perks” to living alone. You don’t have to fight over the TV remote; you can decorate your home the way YOU want to; the spare bedroom is yours to do a you please, and the list goes on.


Befriend You Neighbors


One of the first things single women should do after moving into a new home is introduce themselves to their neighbors. Making friends with the neighbors means you’ll have someone watching over your home at all times, which is particularly helpful if you live alone. Just walk over to each of your immediate neighbors, ring the doorbell, and tell them a little bit about yourself. Some people are naturally hesitant to introduce themselves, but it only takes a couple minutes and will help promote a safer and more secure home.


Adopt a Dog


If you don’t have one already, consider adopting a dog. Burglars often avoid homes with dogs, and for good reason: they may look cute and cuddly, but dogs are extremely territorial, barking and growling when they sense the presence of an intruder. And best of all, even small dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers are effective at warding away potential thieves.


A dog’s presence is a close substitute for human occupancy, and most burglars avoid houses with dogs. Small dogs may bark and attract attention, and large dogs may pose a physical threat, as well,” wrote the U.S. Department of Justice in its report titled Burglary of Single-Family Houses.


Keep The Curtains Closed


A good rule of thumb when living alone is to keep the curtains closed as much as possible. This will hide your activity – so to speak – preventing burglars from knowing when you are home and when you are away. As a side benefit, it will also conceal your belongings, hiding them from the wandering eyes of burglars.


Report Suspicious Activity


If you notice someone driving slowly by your house, don’t be afraid to call the local police department to notify them of the incident. If it’s a burglar casing your home, chances are they’ve cased others in the past, and perhaps someone else has reported seeing them. Taking a proactive approach towards your home security will reduce your chances being burglarized.


Security System


Of course, you should also invest in a security system for your home. A proper security system consists of magnetic sensors for the doors and windows, motion sensors, and a main control panel. If a burglar attempts to enter your home, the system will trigger a loud alarm or siren, which should scare him or her away. And if the correct code isn’t entered into the control panel within a certain amount of time, the monitoring company will call your phone to see if you are okay.



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