Must-Read Tips on Choosing a Home Security System

How Secure Is Your Home? Look For These 5 Signs

Purchasing a home security system is a smart investment that will provide peace of mind to your and your family. But with so many different systems on the market, how do you know which one to choose?


padlock1Monitoring Solutions

Pay close attention to the supported monitoring functions when choosing a home security system. It’s a common assumption among homeowners that all security systems use standard phone lines to transmit data. While many systems do in fact use phone lines, others support the use of broadband connections (e.g. your Internet service), satellite or even cellphones. It’s estimated that a broadband connection can notify the monitoring company four times faster than a traditional phone line, so keep this in mind.

Smartphone Controls

Many home security systems support smartphone-controleled functions. If you’re headed to work but can’t seem to remember is you set the alarm, just fire up the app on your smartphone to check and see. If you didn’t set it, you can do so from the app’s interface. Or if you’re expecting a neighbor to enter your home to drop off mail, you can temporarily disarm the system. Of course, these are just a few of the many functions supported by smartphone-controlled security systems.

Cover All Doors and Windows

Many home security system companies only offer protection for doors. This means the windows are left unprotected without the necessary sensors. If you’re going to invest in a home security system, make sure all doors and windows have the necessary sensors; otherwise, there’s a critical gap in your security system that intruders may exploit. A glass-break sensor is critical to any home security system and can give you that extra layer of security needed for peace of mind.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an integral part of any home security system. They are designed to identify changes in the environment, triggering an alarm when it detects an unnatural occurrence such as the presence of an intruder. Most motion sensors used in security systems are either active, which function by sending out ultrasonic waves, or passive , which work by detecting the infrared energy emitted by humans and animals.

Home Automation

Technological advancements in the field of home automation have come a long ways over the years. Homeowners can now enjoy convenient features like remotely controlled thermostats, light dimmers, video surveillance monitoring and more. If you want to take advantages of features such as this, though, you’ll want to choose a security system that supports built-in automation.


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