Rock Solid—Always There For You

Out Shopping, Out Of Town, Away On Vacation? Don’t Worry—Concho Security is always there and on-duty for you.

What happens when an intruder enters your home? As long as the Rock Solid Security System is activated, the intruder is greeted with an extremely loud alarm. The security panel instantly sends out a message to our trained security alarm monitoring professionals, who are dedicated to responding quickly. They immediately call the location to ensure your family’s safety and contact any emergency agencies, if necessary.

The monitored Rock Solid security system provides you and your family peace of mind. 24 hours a day, Rock Solid’s professional monitoring center keeps an eye on your home even when you can’t. All Rock Solid alarm monitoring is handled by trained Security professionals. We provide everything you need to ensure your peace of mind.


How to reach us

Mailing: PO Box 3744
3124 Sherwood Way #G
San Angelo, TX 76902