Little Known Facts about Home Security Systems

The Cool Stuff About Home Security Systems

Before the general public had access to wi-fi, many features of house management and security were either on separate systems or were hard wired into your home. However, as technology has grown and changed so have the ways in which you can protect and manage your homes. One of the biggest advances to home security systems is implementing some of the technology that we enjoy with our smart phones into alarm systems.

Here are some of the features that are rolling out in the new systems that are sure to change the way you see your home security system.Home Security Cameras

Camera Viewing at the Panel

Enter the LYNX Touch 5200 and the LYNX Touch 7000. These touch control systems come with a variety of features such as allowing you to view up to four IP cameras on the bright 4.7” full-color touchscreen. When the LYNX Touch 7000 is combined with Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote services, you’ll be able to view these cameras from a smartphone or a tablet.

Remote Garage Door ControlThe Garage Door

When you’re getting home from work and you have a car filled with groceries and kids, it’s easy to forget the small things, such as closing your garage door at night. We’ve all had that issue at some point where we forget to shut the garage. However, with a smart system, you can monitor and check to see if your garage door is open. What’s great is that you can close it from the inside.

You can also set up a time for the garage door to close automatically. If the door is open, it will automatically close itself for you at the same time every night. The system is also set up so that the door will close after being open for half an hour or whatever time you set.

Another great feature is that you can arm your security system with your garage door opener. This feature works regardless of how the door closes. If you manually close it or it closes based on a timer, the house system will still arm itself.

Home Energy Management

Smart Security Systems also connects to all of your lights, thermostats, locks, and water valves. This feature is great if you forget to turn your lights off or want to turn the heater up before you get home from work. The security system also allows you to manage timers for your lights or to schedule lights to make it look like you’re home.

Home Automation ControlsThere’s an App for That

Yep. There is. And this app gives you direct access to your home security system from anywhere in the world that has a 4G connection. This feature allows you to check to make sure you turned off the lights or closed the garage door. It also let’s you turn lights on, view the house through any cameras, or turn off the sprinklers.

Weather Alerts

Since the security system is connected to the internet, it can provide you with quick updates on the weather. It’ll notify you if there are any tornado or flash flood alerts for your area.

Z-Wave ThermostatThermostat Controls

We know this falls into the Home Energy Management category but we feel it is so important that we want to share a little more. Saving energy is important to everyone because it can be better for our environment as well as our wallets. With thermostat controls integrated into your home security alarm that temperature can be controlled according to your alarm being armed away. Since the home security system is tied into the internet you can remotely control your thermostat giving you greater control over your home.


All in all, the promising new direction that Home Security Systems are taking will allow you to streamline the cost effectiveness of your household while still ensuring your safety while at home or away. These little known facts will change the way that you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones.


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