The Lazy Dad’s Guide To Home Security

The Lazy Dad’s Guide To Home Security


Maintaining a safe and secure home shouldn’t be a laborious, time-consuming process. While there are plenty safeguards that fall under this category, you can enjoy hassle-free home security by following the tips outlined below in our Lazy Dad’s Guide To Home Security.


Motion-Sensing Floodlights


If you haven’t done so already, install several motion-sensing floodlights around the perimeter of your home. It’s not something most homeowners want to think about, but burglars often case homes before attempting to break into them. With motion-sensing floodlights installed outside your home, you’ll light up the place anytime a potential burglar approaches. Burglars will dart in the opposite direction when they notice a turn on, even if it’s an automatic floodlight. This is one simple safety measure that lazy dads shouldn’t overlook!


Lock Your Doors


I know this probably sounds like common sense to most homeowners, but you should get into the habit of locking your doors. Studies have shown that the majority of burglaries that occur in the United States involve the burglar gaining entry through the front door. It only takes a second to lock the door behind you, but doing so could save you from becoming the victim of a burglary.




Another helpful, passive, way to secure home is to display various sights outside your home. The most common type of sign that’s used to deter burglaries is a home security sign. If you plan on purchasing a home security system, chances are it will come with several signs that can be displayed outside your home. Unfortunately, most people simply toss these signs into the trash, assuming they offer little-to-no use. In reality, though, just the sight of a “This Home is Protected” sign will often deter burglars.


A second type of sign that may be used to deter burglars is a “Caution: Dog on Premises” sign – for obvious reasons.


Alarm System w/ Remote Access


Don’t just buy one of the cheap do-it-yourself (DIY) alarm systems at the store, but instead invest in a premium system that offers remote access. Why is this important? Well, if you’re a lazy dad like myself, you may forget to set the alarm from time to time. Rather than driving all the way back home to set it, you can do so from your smartphone or Internet-connected device. And if a friend or family members needs to enter your home while you are away, you can temporarily disable the security system from your device.


Alarm Monitoring

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