How to Keep Your New Home Safe

How to Keep Your New Home Safe

Keeping your home safe should be a primary concern for anyone purchasing a home. You have a lot of investments to protect within your property, which is part of the reason why you want it to be safe and secure. Valuables such as televisions can be replaced, but priceless heirlooms and other sentimental items can be irrevocably destroyed, as well, not to mention the risk of personal injury should a break-in occur while you’re home. Statistically speaking, you’re more vulnerable to theft as you’re moving, since burglars understand this is a hectic time in your life and all of your things are probably in convenient-to-carry boxes. This is why it’s vital to implement valuable home security measures on your moving to-do list.

– Get familiar with your neighborhood.  You need to know your way around, of course, but you also need to know what’s normal and what’s not. This helps spot abnormal and suspicious activity right away.

– Make pals with the neighbors ahead of time, if possible.  Good neighbors are not only potentially fabulous friends, but they’re also a great line of defense against home invasion and theft. Your neighborhood might have a watch program, which you should get on board with right away, and even if not, you can always bring a tray of cookies and ask politely for them to keep an eye out for you while you’re getting moved in.

– Check out your new home’s safety features.  You’ll want to check any security functions like your window locks, door strikes, and garage doors to make sure everything is in working order.

– Replace all locks. This is so important and often overlooked. There’s no telling who had a key to the property beforehand, and it’s just best to make sure that you and your family are the only ones henceforth.

– Get a new security system. In addition to providing safety and comfort to your home by alerting you and authorities to suspicious activities, this can save big bucks on your homeowner’s insurance.

There are lots of reasons to make sure your move is well planned and organized, including making sure that you don’t seem like an easy target. These tips will ward off potential threats to home security and make your move much more bearable and smooth.

Close-Up-Of-Man-Carrying-Sofa--51953419– Don’t wait to clean! Give your home a top to bottom scrub before moving.

– Always mark your boxes not only for content, but for which room they belong in.

– Plates are less likely to break if you stack them side by side.

– Keep your clothes in the drawers! Just use plastic wrap to keep them in place.

– Keep your hardware grouped together and safe by putting them into plastic sandwich bags.

– Have everything packed and squared away before the actual move begins. This makes for much less of a nightmare.

– Don’t let your essentials get buried in the other stuff. Always put what you need immediately in an overnight bag or some type of plastic bin for distinction and easy access.


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