What Everyone Else Does For Home Security And What You Should Do Differently

What Everyone Else Does For Home Security And What You Should Do Differently


Security should be a top priority for every homeowner. While rates of burglaries have declined over the past few years, hundreds of thousands of homes are broken into each year. This week we’re going to reveal what most people do for home security and what you should do differently.


DIY Alarm Systems


Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of effective do-it-yourself (DIY) alarm systems available on the market, but most pale in comparison to professionally installed systems. Many homeowners are drawn to these DIY systems, assuming it will save them money. But in reality, it costs them more in the long run while placing their home at risk for being burglarized. DIY alarm systems often lack the necessary amount of sensors to cover all points of entry. Furthermore, many of them aren’t compatible with professional monitoring services, meaning it will only produce a loud noise when triggered and not notify the monitoring company.


Purchase a Firearm


There are both pros and cons associated with owning a firearm. Don’t assume that owning a firearm will make your home immune to burglars Most burglars will avoid homes with guns (for obvious reasons), but others will specifically target them, hoping to retrieve and sell the firearm. If you’re going to own a gun, make sure it’s kept in a safe, secure area that only you can access. The ideal storage solution is a heavy-duty gun safe, as this prevents anyone other than yourself from accessing it.


Fenced Perimeter


Some homeowners assume that installing a metal or wooden fence around the perimeter of their home will deter burglars. In some cases, it will. But most burglars can hop a fence with little effort. A smarter and more effective solution for home security is to invest in a high-grade security doors for your home. These doors “look” like standard wooden doors but have a solid metal interior that’s capable of withstanding the blast from a grenade.


Photo:  Kathleen Franklin via Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo: Kathleen Franklin via Flickr Creative Commons.

Standing Watch

If you recently moved into a new neighborhood, you may feel inclined to keep watch over your home. Perhaps you’ll post up on the porch, observing the traffic and pedestrians. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to watch over your home for each waking minute of the day. If you’re worried about the security of your home, try befriending your neighbors. A friendly neighbor is an invaluable commodity in home security, as he or she will keep an eye on your home when you aren’t able to.




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