Easy Safety Tips Every Kid Should Know

Easy Safety Tips Every Kid Should Know

The first time a child asks to stay home alone can be a daunting feeling for any parent. Questions such as “Is he ready?” or “Will she be safe alone?” will crowd your mind and make you long for a time when they were younger. However, don’t despair. You know your child well enough to know if they are responsible and mature enough to handle being home alone. While the decision to let your child stay home alone after school totally depends on you and in some cases the law (some states don’t allow children to be left alone until a certain age but Texas has no such law), be sure to prep your child with these safety tips.

Hispanic family outside homeCreate a Plan

The first thing that you’ll want to do is establish a plan with your child. Make any and all rules clear. Make sure that they understand that they can only use the stove when an adult is home and to make sure that they locked the door and reset the alarm when they came home. 

Address any and all safety risks that might be in the home. Make sure that your child knows what to do in case of an emergency. What exits should they take, who to call, and where to go are all things that they will need to know. Leave a list of phone numbers where they can easily find it so they have access to the numbers of people on the call list.

Check-in Call or Message

As you create an after school routine with your child, make sure that as soon as they get in the door (after securing the door and the house first) that they call you or leave you a message.

To make sure that you get a notification you can also have your alarm system send you a message when they deactivate it with their own code. We can also set up your alarm so that you will get an alert if the alarm isn’t deactivated by a certain time.

Unauthorized Visits or Phone Calls

Another great rule you might want to establish is that no one is allowed in the house without a parent being there. This can also be extended to phone calls received on the land line or cell phone. Make sure they understand that unless it’s an approved number that they should not pick up the telephone. The exception to this would be in an emergency situation.

Know Their Route Home

Discuss with your child which route they should take to get home and make sure that they take that route everyday. This is important as it allows you to figure out how long they take to get home and to figure out where she might be if there is an issue. Let your child know that they shouldn’t deviate from this plan even if a friend offers them a ride home.

First Aid

Have a first aid kit that is easily accessible to your child. Also, make sure that they understand how to use it and when to use it. Especially help them to understand what a medical emergency is and what can be easily fixed with the first aid kit.

Having your child stay at home after school by themselves can be a rewarding experience that helps build and foster independence and trust. Armed with some home safety tips and the security of an alarm system will help easy your worry about your child’s safety.


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