What can a flood sensor do for you?

The thing about floods is that you rarely see them coming. If you did, you would work to fix the problem immediately. When you think of floods, you probably think of a natural disaster. But the reality is that the floods that are much more likely to damage your home are ones that originate inside your home. If something isn’t working properly, they can easily occur. The problem is finding out quickly. That’s where installing a flood sensor and connecting it into your home security system can help.


San-angelo-home-automation-flood-detectionAn increasing amount of property insurance claims are because of plumbing or indoor appliance leaks. That’s why the best advice is to install a flood sensor in your home near equipment such as a washing machine, water softener or water heater. Some insurance agencies will give additional discounts for having flood detection devices installed and monitored.


The cost, if the issue isn’t detected quickly, can be high. And all it takes is a faulty appliance, a burst pipe or even a broken hose. That’s why you will want to install a flood sensor, which can tie into most existing home security systems, or a newly installed one. The sensor will call the central station if it is triggered and give you the ability to react quickly to the situation. We also offer whole house water shut-off valves that can immediately turn off the water to your home in the event of a flood detection preventing the damage that could be done during the time it would take you to respond.




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