Best Quick Solutions To Secure Your Home Today

Best Quick Solutions To Secure Your Home Today

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to implement the necessary safeguards to protect your home from burglary. Whether you live on the east coast, west coast or somewhere in between, break-ins occur in every city. Thankfully, though, you can protect your home by following the tips outlined below.

Photo: Christopher Rice via Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo: Christopher Rice via Flickr Creative Commons.


Make Your Home Look Like It’s Occupied


According to some statistics, a whopping 87% of burglaries in the United States occur when no one is home. Burglars often wait until all of the family members are gone before attempting to gain entry. If they believe a family member is still inside, chances are they will move on to the next house. This is why it’s a good idea to make your home look like it’s occupied, even when no one is home. Setting lights, televisions, radio and other devices to turn on and off at various times of the day will help you achieve this goal.


Lock Your Doors and Windows


I know this probably sounds like common sense to most people, but keeping your doors and windows locked will greatly reduce your risk of being burglarized. As noted in a report published by the Department of Justice (DOJ), burglarized homes often have one or more unlocked doors or windows through which the burglar can enter. So if you haven’t done so already, take a few minutes to walk around your home, checking each window and door to ensure they are locked.


Lawn Maintenance


No, that isn’t a typo. Performing some lawn maintenance really can improve the security of your home. If you have overgrown trees and brush surrounding your home, burglaries will have more areas in which to conceal themselves. To eliminate this problem, go around your lawn and trim away any unnecessary brush. Maintaining a clean, well-manicured lawn will naturally deter burglars. Besides, your neighbors will appreciate you for cleaning up your lawn.


Buy a Security System


Granted, you probably won’t be able to have it installed today, but there’s no better or more effective way to secure your home than with a security system. A security system consists of sensors for the doors and windows, one or more motion sensors, a control panel, and an audible alarm. When an intruder triggers a sensor, the alarm will sound and the monitoring company will be notified. Don’t put off getting a security system, as time is of essence when securing your home.


Alarm Monitoring

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