6 Must Read Harsh Realities About Home Safety

6 Must Read Harsh Realities About Home Safety

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If Your Home Was Built Before 1977, It May Have Asbestos


The heat-resistant silicone mineral fiber asbestos has been linked to millions of deaths. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ranks it as the number one cause of occupational cancer in the United States, accounting for 54% of all work-related cancer. But don’t let these statistics fool you into thinking it’s no longer a problem. On the contrary, the federal government didn’t ban asbestos until 1977, meaning homes built before this period may contain the cancer-causing fiber in the drywall and other construction materials.


Pesticides are Poison


Another hazard commonly found in homes is pesticide. It’s estimated that upwards of 90% of U.S. households use some type of pesticide, whether to kill insects, rodents, or a combination thereof. A report published by the American Association of Poison Control Centers revealed that nearly 46,000 calls were made regarding pesticide exposure to children under the age of 5.


The Dangers of Volatile Organic Compounds


Volatile organic compounds – or what’s more commonly known as VOCs – are everywhere around us. Normally, short-term exposure to low levels don’t cause any problems. But when we’re exposed to high levels of VOCs over a prolonged length of time, it can irritate the respiratory system, trigger allergies, and even lead to neurological disorders. New carpets and rugs often contain a high amount of VOCs, which is why it’s important to let them “air out” before installing them.



Most Burglars Enter Through The Front Door


It’s a common assumption that burglars gain entry into homes through a window, side door, or even a balcony. While there have certainly been reports of this occurring, studies have shown that most burglars enter through the front door. To protect your property and family against burglars, you should install a high-grade security door, keeping it locked at all time.


Falls are One of The Most Common Injuries Sustained In The Home


Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common types of injuries sustained in the home. Whether it’s from the same level or an elevated surface, falls can result in serious – and sometimes even life-threatening – injuries. Homeowners can reduce the risk of falls by maintaining clear walking paths that are free of obstruction and ensuring all stairwells have proper handrailing installed.


6AM to 6PM is The ‘Prime Time’ For Burglars


A recent study found that most burglaries occur between the hours of 6AM and 6PM. Of course, this only makes sense considering family members are usually working during this time.



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