6 Frequently Asked Questions on Home Security


What is a high-security door?


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that nearly a third of all home intruders gain access through the front door. While most hollow doors are incredibly easy to kick in, high-security doors are designed to withstand significant force (and in blasts in some models). They look like ordinary wooden doors, but the inside is actually metal rather than wood, offering a superior level of security.


Will I get a discount on my homeowner’s insurance for installing a security system?


It depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance company. However, it’s not uncommon for insurers to offer discounts in the range of 10-20% for secured homes. So even if costs some initial money upfront, purchasing a security system may pay off in the long run. Contact your insurance company for more information.


Will an alarm system work if the power goes out?


Most alarm systems feature backup batteries to ensure the system remains active and functional in the event of a power loss. As long as your power is restored in a timely manner, your home should remain protected.


Besides installing an alarm system, how else can I protect my home?


While an alarm system is arguably the most important step in creating a safe and secure home, there are several other ways to protect your home from intruders, such as installing motion-sensing flood lights around the perimeter, clearing away unnecessary brush, locking your doors and windows, befriending your neighbors, and placing signs outside your home to let everyone know that your home are protected.


Will Iron Bars on Windows Prevent Break-Ins?


They aren’t exactly the most attractive home accessory, but iron bars/grilles are effective at deterring break-ins. Common sense should tell you that a burglar is going to have a much more difficult time gaining access through a window with iron-bars. With that said, U.S. fire codes strictly prohibit the use of bars on windows attached to bedrooms or other areas with people sleep, unless there is a release mechanism.


Will my pet trigger an alarm system motion sensor?


Well over half of all U.S. households own at least one dog or cat. If you fall under this category, you might be wondering whether or not your beloved pet will trigger a motion sensor. Granted, many of the older models would in fact trigger from the movement of a dog or cat. The newer models, however, feature passive infrared (PIR) technology to prevent this from occurring. These sensors measure changes in temperature, and since family pets are small, they produce less heat than a human.








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