5 Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids Right Now

5 Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids Right Now


As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to keep your kid – or kids – safe from danger. While we could write an entire essay on child safety, we’re going to discuss five simple things you can do now to promote safety.


Never Open The Door For Strangers


Children should be taught at an early age never to open the door for strangers. Unfortunately, many parents neglect to teach their children this basic, age-old wisdom of home security, believing it’s not necessary since their children are never left home alone. Even if your child is never left home alone, though, they should still be taught not to open the door for strangers. If you are in the shower and a stranger approaches the door, your child should turn them away while getting your attention immediately.


Stop, Drop, Roll


The stop, drop and roll technique is a simple yet effective fire safety procedure that’s often taught to children, emergency response operators, and industrial works. As most people probably already know, it involves stopping, dropping to the floor, and rolling around in the event that your clothes are ever on fire. If you haven’t done so already, teach your child the basics of stop, drop and roll, showing them how it’s performed and telling them when to do it.


Don’t Touch The Medicine Cabinet!


As your child begins to grow up, he or she may attempt to get medicine themselves when they feel ill. While this may seem harmless enough, many children are unable to distinguish between the different types of medicine. What looks like some of their child-formula over-the-counter cough syrup might be a prescription liquid medicine for adults. Furthermore, there’s always the chance of a child accidentally pouring or administering too much, which can have devastating consequences. The bottom line is that you or another adult should administer medicine to your child.


Dial 911 For Emergencies


We’ve talked about this before on the Concho Security blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that all children should be taught when and how to dial 911. If there’s ever an emergency situation – medical, home intruder, fire, etc. – your child needs to know how to get help. Picking up the phone and dialing 911 could mean the difference between life and death.


Don’t Mess With Electrical Cords or Cables


With most U.S. households containing dozens of different electronic devices, power cords and cables can pose a serious threat to an unsuspecting child. In addition to the possibility of electrocution, cords and cables also pose a strangulation hazard, which is why children should never play or even touch them.


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