4 Steps: How To Deal With Home Intruders

Best ways to Combat Home Intruders

Arsons, rapes, property crimes, violent crimes etc, the statistics for each of these might vary from country to country, perhaps might be less in certain cities, but that does in no way restrict you from taking precautions and installing the best security measures to protect your house from home intruders. Of the thousands of available ways, most are simple and convenient to afford. All it involves is your perspective to seek through the most suitable for your house. No matter how many security men are there to guard in your society, by the end of the day it’s your responsibility to keep your home safe.

Step 1: Intruder Alarm System

keyfob - home intruder panic alarm

4 button keyfob (hand-held remote). Panic button can cause audible alarm or a silent call to police.

Intruder alarm systems are one of the most effective and reliable ways in order to keep your family and home safe. From the most inexpensive costing only $100 to install, you need not require abundant features other than just the basic doing the desirable as demanded. To the most basic alarm system installed, all it requires is sensors fixed on all windows and doors to be able to alert when the home intruder breaks in. The best addition to any home alarm system is a handheld panic button – these keychain remotes can be used to arm/disarm your system as well as provide an audible panic alarm when a certain button is pressed.

Step 2: Lights

To protect from home intruders breaking in, keeping lights on at night and even in your absence could misguide as well as make it difficult for him or her to break through. Mostly taking advantage of the darkness, night is the most likely time for a home intruder to be confronted by you, the home owner. Lights at the front, back and sides of your house could save you from intruders. Motion activated flood lights are commonly installed in homes and can be very effective at scaring off a potential intruder.

Step 3: Security Cameras

home intruder cameraWith advancement in technology and its cheap availability in market is a grave concern for intruders. Security cameras makes to the top of the list among them. All the more makes it more convenient for you to judge who has come to greet you. Front door and back doors could be perfect spots for its installations and make you feel more secure than security alarm or sensors. In fact, some with the record mechanism can help you track intruders if your home was attacked in your absence.

Step 4: Advanced Door Locks

Home intruders have answers to a lot of security mechanisms but deadbolts with the latest technologies are night mares for most intruders.

Using these measures can give you some piece of mind if anything ever happened to you or your family. If you have any questions or are needing help getting started with these steps please contact us today.





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