3 Reasons to Consider Medical Alert Services

Medical Alert Service - Senior fallen on the groundThree Reasons for Senior Citizens to Consider Medical Alert Services

If you’re a senior citizen with an active lifestyle, you know all about being on the go. Who says those extra candles on the cake have to mean slowing down? There are grandkids’ birthday parties to go to, club meetings to attend, friends to have lunch with. Your life should be as full and active as you want it to be. You worked hard to get where you are! One thing you definitely don’t need holding you down is the fear of taking a spill in your own home and getting injured, and you certainly need to be aware that, no matter how fit and spry you may still be, it’s a possibility. It happens to the best of us, and it can have serious repercussions. The only thing worse than falling and getting hurt is being injured with no sign of help because you can’t reach a phone. That’s why you should consider the medical alert service that we offer here at Concho Security.

You’ll Never Be Alone

We know that independence is important to you. If you live alone and happen to fall, a medical alert service pendant from Concho Security would get you immediate help. Our medical alert pendants tie into a twenty-four hour monitoring system that your wearable pendant keeps you connected to at all times. The peace of mind of never being alone while still maintaining your bustling independence is a great reason to invest in a medical alert service.

It’s Not Just FallingMedical Alert Service Senior with Chest Pain

Of course, there’s more to the story than simply the possibility of falling and becoming unable to get to the phone. Every day, we run the risk of major medical emergencies happening at the drop of a hat. Aside from just falling, you may find yourself in another emergency situation in which your medical alert service pendant could mean something as serious as the difference between life and death. Senior citizens are more likely to suffer from grave diabetes complications, pulmonary disease, heart conditions, strokes, and much more, and they can strike at any time. That’s why it’s so vitally important to have help always within your reach, just the press of a button away. Concho Security’s medical alert services are there to help.

Kids. Even in their adulthood, they’re still your babies and the light of your life. That’s part of why it can be so frustrating to have them constantly checking in while you’re catching up with friends or hustling to your next engagement. They worry, and while it can be irritating now and then, it’s still perfectly understandable. The fear that something might happen to you and you being helpless is a terrible fear for them. Medical alert services not only offer peace of mind to you, but they go a long way in settling the worries of your children as well.

No one is perfect, and accidents happen. Please contact your trusted home safety advisor today and get more information on our valuable medical alert services. We want to help you live your full, happy life as safely and healthily as possible.


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